Galería Uxval Gochez

Represented artists

Katharina Arndt, Malt Dalla Piccola, Paul Pretzer, Luis Guerra, Dunja Jankovic, Flavio Morais, Lizette Nin, Antonio Ortega, Daniel Orson Ybarra, Mark Redden, Noemi Sjöberg

About Gallery

Created in 2020, Uxval Gochez gallery begins its journey with an exhibition by Paul Pretzer. Having as a precedent the cultural activity of Arte Aurora, a gallery that had the collaboration of artists from the Barcelona scene such as Evru, Gino Rubert, Yamandú Canosa, Patricia Bentancur, Antonio Ortega, Guillermo Pfaff, Stella Rahola among others, Uxval Gochez is currently focused on European and Mexican contemporary art.

Forever Young

Wed 15th Sep., 5pm – 9 pm | Opening. Professionals
Thu 16th & Fri 17th Sep., 10am – 8pm | Professionals
Sat 18th Sep., 11am – 8pm | General public
Sun 19th Sep. 11am – 3pm | General public

The desire for eternal youth sounds familiar, like pop music, cloying. But, objectively, the desire to never grow old is 100% doomed to failure. Expectations can only be disappointed because no one, really no one, is forever young.

Katharina Arndt looks at the aesthetics of mass consumption in an opulent, decadent society and the construction of lifestyles in the digital age. For her, the theme of the "surface" - social, cultural, material - is emblematic. In the online world, hyperreal and at the same time immaterial, there's only the visual appearance of ourselves and of the products we have to buy. Eternal youth, as something artificial, superficial, conformist. It will be the psychogram of a positivist consumer society, which tries to escape its own transience.

Katharina Arndt

Katharina Arndt (Oschatz, Alemania, 1981) lives and works in Berlín and Barcelona. The focus of her artistic work (painting, drawing, neon signs) is the observation of digital communication behaviour and the visualisation of the aesthetics of mass consumption in the digital age.