Represented artists

Josu Bilbao, Juande Jarillo, Marc Larré, Martín Llavaneras, Violeta Mayoral, Jan Monclús, Itziar Okariz, Sergio Prego, Eulàlia Rovira, Ignacio Sáez, Manuel Saiz, Sinéad Spelman, Martín Vitaliti, Marc Vives.

About Gallery

etHALL has a stable programme since 2011 in which includes the works by both consolidated artists (Sergio Prego, Itziar Okariz, Manuel Saiz) and others at the beginning of their careers (Jan Monclús, Josu Bilbao, Martín Vitaliti). The work that it develops is distinguished by maintaining a close collaboration with the artists, making possible the elaboration and presentation of their most committed proposals. The new gallery space in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat emphasizes the experimental nature of the exhibition projects.

Four walls

Wed 15th Sep., 5pm – 9 pm | Opening. Professionals
Thu 16th & Fri 17th Sep., 10am – 8pm | Professionals
Sat 18th Sep., 11am – 8pm | General public
Sun 19th Sep. 11am – 3pm | General public

Four walls are needed to build an interior space that shelters you from the outside, with a roof that keeps you dry, a door to enter, a window to look through. At least, and that's already a lot. 
The gallery space has three doors. You can enter through whichever you want. There are also three windows and other openings of different sizes and shapes. They have been there for many years; they were made, out of necessity, with the means at hand. And then time wore some of them down, leaving them in disuse, until today.
"Four Walls" is a specific intervention for the gallery space, built from its structural elements: its pillars and openings. This new spatial arrangement questions the role of the wall in an interior space, an element that, even when separating, cannot fail to point out what is on one side and the other of itself.

Luz Broto

Luz Broto (Barcelona, 1982) holds a degree in Fine Arts, a diploma in Advanced Studies in Art in the Digital Age. Intermediate Creation at the University of Barcelona, and post-master Crítical Habitats studies al Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.
She works with the space, taking into account the architecture of the place, its urban environment or position in the territory, its infrastructure or organisational structure, its regulations, uses and histories; and in doing so proposes minimal operations that change everything.
She has done site-specific projects in the format of installations, actions, interventions, protocols, or itineraries for commissions, grants, exhibitions, or residencies, in close collaboration with many institutions in different countries for almost fifteen years. She has received production and research grants from the Royal Institute of Art, BCN Producció'10 and Blueproject Foundation; she has been awarded the Art Nou and Miquel Casablancas prizes; and has participated in the LIPAC residencies in Buenos Aires and FLORA in Bogotá. Some of these works are part of public collections, such as MUSAC, MACBA or MAMBO.