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Compositions: Undergrounds

Curators: Alexandra Laudo and Glòria Picazo.

In this third edition of the Compositions programme, in line with previous years, we want to continue showcasing singular spaces in Barcelona and L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. This year the programme features the subtitle Undergrounds, because the four interventions explore urban subterranean spaces. The programme proposes a vision of the city very different from the one our usual routes offer. The discovery of unusual spaces, some anonymous, others loaded with personal and collective stories, is one of the great attractions of this programme that accompanies the activities of Barcelona Gallery Weekend. And without any doubt the other attraction are the contributions made by the four selected artists, whose projects will allow us to visit these spaces from a different and expanded perspective, since the artists have been the first ones to experience and discover these spaces and react to their exceptionality. The four projects are their artistic responses to these urban spaces, whose history we will revisit based on their visions.

Image: Action by Pep Vidal. Joan Miró Rainwater Harvesting Deposit. Curated by Alexandra Laudo and Glòria Picazo. Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2017. Artist represented by ADN Galeria. Photograph: Roberto Ruiz.

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