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Dada Objet Trouvé

Albarran Cabrera, José Ortiz Echagüe, László Maholy Nagy, Luigi Veronesi, Man Ray, Otto Steintert

Aspects of influence

Memories are the leitmotif that runs through all our photographic work. They help us to define our identity. We have been influenced by an enormous quantity of authors, and some of them are also exhibited here.  Some others are not visual artists, but writers, musicians, mathematicians, philosophers or physics. In turn, all these authors had their own list of influences. It is really a matter of what one does with which there already was. It is not you, but your memories and influences what build your style.

Having a unique style in art is kind of an obsession in Western society. But at the same time, for centuries, European art has been taught following an academic approach: go to a museum, recreate a masterpiece and learn something in the process. To live with this dilemma, you must understand that you’re always travelling over territory charted by others before you.

Our approach to photography is to learn from as many masters in different media as we can. By articulating what they did, we can have a deeper understanding of their ideas and create unique connections among them. It is in this space where original ideas and a personal style arise.

 “Forget the spectacle and look at the Nôh; forget the Nôh and look at the actor; forget the actor and look at the idea; forget the idea and you’ll understand the Nôh.”

 ― Motokiyo Zeami