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Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2017

The third edition of Barcelona Gallery Weekend (September 28th-October 1st, 2017) featured 23 galleries in the general programme, with more than 80 artists and 5 unique venues for the artistic interventions of the parallel programme Compositions (curated by Glòria Picazo and Alexandra Laudo) and D'esquena a la galeria (curated by Joana Hurtado Matheu).

The participating galleries offered a comprehensive programme of activities in their spaces, such as meetings with artists, guided tours, talks, concerts, and breakfasts.

BGW2017 collaborated with Uterqüe and Ocaña to present works by Regina Giménez (represented by Ana Mas Projects) and Diane Guyot de Saint Michel (represented by Bombon projects) in their spaces open to the public.

ARCO Foundation renewed its commitment to art and sponsored ArcoGalleryWalk, free visits to the exhibitions carried out by expert guides from the city art context.

In this third edition fourteen entities collaborated with BGW, offering free access and private visits to accredited professionals.

The collaborators of this edition were:
Arts Santa Mònica  /  CaixaForum  /  Centre d’Art Tecla Sala  /  Fundació Antoni Tàpies  /  Fundació Arranz-Bravo  /  Fundació Suñol  /  Fundació Foto Colectania  /  Fundació Joan Miró  /  La Virreina Centre de la Imatge  /  MACBA  /  Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya  /  Museu Picasso  /  Photogenic  /  Swab

Participating galleries

ADN Galeria  /  Àmbit Galeria d'Art  /  Ana Mas Projects  /  àngels barcelona  /  Bombon projects  /  Dada Objet Trouvé  /  etHALL  /  Galeria Balaguer  /  Galeria Carles Taché  /  Galeria Contrast  /  Galeria Estrany-de la Mota (homage)  /  Galeria Joan Prats  /  Galeria Marc Domènech  /  Galeria Senda  /  Galeria Trama  /  Mayoral  /  N2 Galeria  /  Nogueras Blanchard  /  ProjecteSD  /  RocioSantaCruz  /  Sala Dalmau  /  Tasneem Gallery  /  Tat Art Barcelona

Parallel programme


Compositions is a programme of interventions produced especially by BGW in unusual venues, complementing the general programme of exhibitions in the participating galleries. The 2017 edition was curated by Glòria Picazo and Alexandra Laudo.

In line with previous years, the aim was to continue showcasing singular spaces in Barcelona and L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. This year the programme featured the subtitle Undergrounds, because the four interventions explored urban subterranean spaces. The programme proposes a vision of the city very different from the one our usual routes offer. The discovery of unusual spaces, some anonymous, others loaded with personal and collective stories, is one of the great attractions of this programme that accompanies the activities of BGW. And without any doubt the other attraction were the contributions made by the four selected artists, whose projects allowed us to visit these spaces from a different and expanded perspective, since the artists were the first ones to experience and discover these spaces and react to their exceptionality. The four projects were their artistic responses to these urban spaces, whose history we revisited based on their visions.

List of participating artists and interventions:

Patricia Dauder (represented by Projecte SD gallery)
Refuge 307, carrer Nou de la Rambla, 175, Barcelona

Photo: Roberto Ruiz

Lois Patiño (represented by RocioSantaCruz gallery)
Monumental Waterfall, Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona

Photo: Roberto Ruiz

Martín Vitaliti (represented by etHall gallery)
Los Ángeles Sports Club and Gym, carrer Salvadors, 16, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Photo: Roberto Ruiz

Pep Vidal (represented by ADN gallery)
Waiting to be interrupted
Joan Miró Rainwater Harvesting Deposit, carrer Diputació, 7, Barcelona

Photo: Roberto Ruiz


For this third edition of BGW, the curator Joana Hurtado Mateu conceived the second chapter of the exhibition D'esquena a la galeria, an exhibition that features artworks from the gallerists’ private collections at Massana art school’s former building, which this year relocated its headquarters and was left unoccupied, waiting to be reused.

The exhibition features the subtitle Under Suspicion. It refers to the space of the school as a place where the works are not yet legitimated and whose authorship and value are still under suspicion.

With the intention of showing the most intimate side of those working at a gallery, this exhibition offers on display a selection of the "suspicious" BGW gallerists store at home. Remains and traces of daily life coexist with antiquities and art works indistinctively, questioning the exhibition of art itself as it simulates the way of display of an antiques market.

Participating galleries: ADN Galeria, Ana Mas Projects, àngels barcelona, Bombon Projects, etHALL, Galeria Balaguer, Galeria Joan Prats, Galeria Marc Domènech, Galería Senda, N2 Galeria, Nogueras Blanchard, Tasneem Gallery, Tat Art Barcelona.

Photo: Roberto Ruiz


During the last three editions, BGW has been offering a Friendship programme, which invited individuals to give financial support to the event and offered them access to a series of benefits. The participants of the Friendship Programme were invited to all social events, became part of the Professional Programme, and received a copy of the limited edition artwork expressly made by a renowned artist.

In the previous editions, the collaborating artists were Joan Fontcuberta (2015), Ignasi Aballí (2016), and Àngels Ribé (2017), winner of the 2012 National Culture Prize.

Àngels Ribé, Ma Vie, 2017
White carved marble
Courtesy of the artist / Ana Mas Projects

Friends of BGW 2017:

Lionel Aeschlimann | Carlos Costa i Marisa del Rosario | Bartolomé Masoliver | Monapart | Ernesto Ventós Omedes


A project by:
Art Barcelona

With the support of:
Ajuntament de Barcelona (ICUB)  /  Generalitat de Catalunya (ICEC)  /  Ajuntament de L'Hospitalet  /  Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte  /  Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

The following entities collaborated with the event in different ways:
Abertis  /  Barcelona Global  /  BCN GIN  /  El Palace Hotel  /  Fundación ARCO  /  Fundació Banc Sabadell  /  Fundació Catalunya Cultura  /  Gramona  /  Hotels Derby Collection  /  Illy  /  La Vanguardia  /  L’Officiel  /  Moritz  /  Ocaña  /  RSD Engineering  /  Swab  /  Uterqüe  /  Vulcano  /  White Space

The following institutions, museums and foundations offered their spaces, services or materials to BGW:
Ajuntament de Barcelona  /  Ajuntament de Barcelona – MUHBA i La Capella  /  Arts Santa Mònica  /  Fundació Foto Colectania  /  Fundació MACBA  /  Fundació Suñol

Friends of BGW2017:
Lionel Aeschlimann  /  Carlos Costa i Marisa del Rosario  /  Bartolomé Masoliver  /  Monapart  /  Ernesto Ventós Omedes

Acquisitions Programme BGW2017:
Blueproject Foundation  /  Cuatrecasas  /  Fundació Vila Casas

Special thanks to Àngels Ribé.


Executive committee:
Àlex Nogueras  /  Ana Mas  /  Joan Anton Maragall  /  Quico Peinado  /  Vicky Cortina  /  Susanna Corchia

Susanna Corchia (director)  /  Lidia González Alija (coordinator)

Curators of the parallel programme:
Glòria Picazo  /  Alexandra Laudo (Compositions)
Joana Hurtado Matheu (D’esquena a la galeria)

Galleries selection committee:
Juanjo Lahuerta  /  Frederic Montornés  /  Imma Prieto